Project 365: Day 320-326

Day 320: (11/14/2012)
Back to the grind after a long weekend visiting family in PA.
My little sidekick all ready to go get her brother from school!

Day 321: (11/15/2012)
Lil Learners! The kids love going, Layla I think more than Preston because she loves to paint, but he is doing better!
Here is my painter….loving the paint on her hands:)

A picture of Layla and Preston at teh sensory table with Mrs. Stacy!

Mrs. Stacy does an amazing job with these kids and she truely loves what she does. I am blessed to have found this program!

Day 322: (11/16/2012)

I cannot resist these 3 faces. No matter how crazy and busy the day gets, they make it all worth while. I hope and pray they stay close through the years, because now, I truely do not know how they would get through without each other! LOVE!!!

Day 323: (11/17/2012)
I had a busy day at work, but came home to my babies, we went to our favorite place for dinner (Joey’s Pizzaria), and then treated the kiddos to Sweet Frog!

Day 324: (11/18/2012)
I met my best friend for a bit to take some pictures of my sweet god daughter! Here she is…she is a cutie pie.

Day 325: (11/19/2012)
Both kids had something at their school for Thanksgiving…I have to say it was hard because I had to surrender to the notion that I wasn’t going to be able to do it all! I did however get to be at Carter’s school for half of his friendship feast/stations, and then got to Preston’s preschool Thanksgiving Party!
Carter was so loving to me and his sister, he was truely happy we could be there. I love to see how great he is with Layla….I hope their bond remains strong through the years. It is a blessing.

I feel very grateful that Carter’s teacher let Layla do all the station projects, she fit in right away! Carter was such a big helper.
My little Pilgram. I love love love Preston’s preschool. I loved it when Carter went and now Preston, and I am blessed to know the girls will have the same experience. They make everything so special and fun for these kids.

Day 326: (11/20/2012)
My Princess and athlete..she loves to play football with the boys.

In honor of Thanksgiving in a few days I would like to say how thankful I am for all the blessings in my life. My wonderful Husband who provides for our family and loves us unconditionally, my wonderful kids that I could not live without, our new addition to arrive in February, to my mother who is my best friend and my rock, my parents and family, my sisters, my job, a home and food on the table….I am thankful and blessed!


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