Project 365: Day 327- 333

Day 327: (11/21/2012):
My kids love anything Mario Brothers….Carter loves Bowser too!

Day 328: (11/22/2012)
Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for….I try to be thankful each and everyday, not just one day a year, but it is nice to have a day to get together with family and celebrate all the blessings in our lives.

Carter with his nana!!!!!
Nana and her grandbabies…I love pictures like these and know that years from now it will be a treasure! Something my babies can look back and be proud to have because their nana is the most amazing woman, her love is unconditional and she adores them!

Day 329: (11/23/2012)
We took the kids to the santa express at the tioga central railroad… they rode the train, met santa and got a special gift!

Day 330: (11/24/2012)

Day 331: (11/25/2012)

Nothing like oreo cookies and milk!!!!!

Day 332: (11/26/2012)

Layla with her Aunt Lauren! Love how close they are!!!!!

Day 333: (11/27/2012)
I have been dreading snow and cold, but it is pretty on the trees since they are all bare! Layla woke up to the covering on the ground and watched the snow fall!


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