Project 365: Day 334 – 340

Day 334: (11/28/2012)
Wednesday is garbage day and the kids LOVE to help us bring up the emply garbage and recycling cans!
Oh the simple things in life!!!!
kids taking up garbage cans

Day 335: (11/29/2012)
It is very rare these days that preston takes a nap… he was just so tired, this is how I found him! Peaceful and Precious!
my sleepy head bnw

Day 336: (11/30/2012)
It’s always fun getting together with our good friends! These kids have grown up together and though we may not get together as much as we’d like, they are the greatest of friends. My kiddos with Madison and kenzie.
the gang

Day 337: (12/1/2012)
Our elf, “SCARF” has come back to watch over the kids this holiday season!!! They are in heaven!
elf has come

Day 338: (12/2/2012)
Decorating the tree is one of Carter’s favorite things to do…he loves the holidays. I love to watch the excitment in their eyes!
carter and his decorated tree
playing with train
Carter also had basketball for the very first time! He enjoyed himself, and we enjoyed watching him. I cannot believe he is old enough to start sports…sigh

Day 339: (12/3/2012)
Both boys had off school due to conferences. It was a very lazy day in our house!
lazy monday off

Day 340: (12/4/2012)
One of Preston’s classmates and friends, Sarah had us over for a craft making playdate with others from the class.
prest and craft

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