Project 365: Day 341-347

Day 341: (12/5/2012)
We were blessed with some nice weather this week, and I took advantage of it and went to the park with my 3 babies. I love days like this, watching them run around and play so nice together, enjoying life! I feel blessed!

Day 342: (12/6/2012)
Thursday, lil learners, is winding down….I am not going to continue in the winter/spring session becauase of the arrival of baby #4, but I do love the memories we have created there. I hope to continue next fall with Layla and the baby!
sara lay and prest

layla and preston

my painter

Day 343: (12/7/2012)
Preston was so excited after school today because his name was picked to bring pooh home for the weekend! He loves bringing home a stuffed animal from class, but this weekend with pooh would be extra special!
p.s. Layla was equally excited.
preston poo and layla

Day 344: (12/8/2012)
We took the kids on a holiday trolly, caroling while it drove us to two carousel’s all decorated for Christmas! The kids had a wonderful time. Pooh came along too, of course.
carter carousel

dad with kids

kiddos at endicott visitor center

layla on carousel

our family

preston carousel and poo

Day 345: (12/9/2012)
Sunday mornings Carter now has Basketball, he did great this week! I couldn’t be more proud of him and the effort he makes to learn something new!

basketball star

Day 346: (12/10/2012)
Preston also brought Pooh to the library to pick out our weekly books and movies
preston and poo library

Day 347: (12/11/2012)
My Precious princess! I cannot believe how fast she has grown up! She is going to be an amazing big sister!!!!
layla bnw


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