Project 365: Day 348-353

Day 348: (12/12/2012)
I wonder where she gets this from…lol!
my pic taker

Day 349: (12/13/2012)
This thursday was the last day of Lil Learners…:( We will hopefully continue in the fall after the arrival of our baby girl!
Layla enjoyed making her christmas tree!

Day 350: (12/14/2012)
I was very saddened to hear the news of the school shooting in CT. I just don’t understand how anyone could do this? These were innocent teachers/administrators, and students. Very young students who had their whole lives ahead of them. As a mother this tragedy is so incomprehensible, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain those parents and families are feeling. I pray for them, and all those affected, and hold my babies a little tighter every chance I get!
handsome ham
mommy's helper
handsome boy

Day 351: (12/15/2012)
pretty lady

Day 352: (12/16/2012)
We had a very busy Sunday. We started off with church, then off to basketball for Carter, and then we took the kids after lunch to see santa up at the mall! I was shocked they all sat with him….so glad they did! They were very excited to see him and tell him everything they wanted.
visit santa
christmas babes
christmas kids 2

Day 353: (12/17/2012)
Morning game of Memory!!! The kids love this game, and they get so excited everytime they get a match!
match for presty
layla proud of her match
morning memory game


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