2013 – My Project 52: Week 1

Happy new year! This year is going to be an amazing one…with the arrival of our baby daughter in February, how could it not be. My family, my husband, my kids are such blessings in my life, I couldn’t imagine not having them!

I hope that this new year is a great one, and that I continue to realize the true beauty in life and love.
To my kids……
carter 2
I hope he always knows just how special he is. You are so energetic and passionate and I pray you always stay this way! Your heart is made of gold and you make those around you smile! I love you more than you will ever know, always and forever, PROMISE!
presty 1
Your smile can make a room light up! You are like a gentle giant, look all tough and big, but you are so gentle and loving. You are more independant than the other two, but I know that you still need just as much love and attention at times. I love how you make your way into my arms when you need it most then you are on your way. You have such a big heart, and I hope you always know your worth! I am so proud to call you my son, I love you always and forever, PROMISE.
layla 2
Oh my Lali-girl….You are definately a momma’s girl! I love it. Having you for my daughter makes life so rich! You are very strong willed, but have such an amazing spirit! You are a girly girl, but can be one of the boys too, thats what I love about you. I hope you know just how much of a princess you are and that I love you always and forever, PROMISE!

“Before you were conceived, I wanted you
Before you were born, I loved you
Before you were here an hour, I would give my life for you…
this is the miracle of life!”
~Maureen Hawkins

You three will never know just how much I love and adore you, how could you, it is indescribable! I only hope that each and everyday I can make your life just as sweet as you make mine!!


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