Project 365: Day 354-366 (mixed up a day somewhere….one extra???)

Day 354: (12/18/2012)
fun with playdoughThe boys playing playdough!!!!!

Day 355: (12/19/2012)
tech babyIt amazes me how much my kids do with technology! Layla playing on her Aunt Lauren’s IPhone!

Day 356: (12/20/2012)
Christmas is upon us..I have so much to be thankful for! Love the holiday season and the kids school parties. The first one was Carter’s! I loved how the other two just fit right in! Carter has such a great teacher and class!
babies at carters party

Day 357: (12/21/2012)
Last day of school before the holiday break and we had Preston’s holiday party! It was a bonus to have Tim working from home so he could join in the festivities. Preston was so happy!
preston at his party
prest and daddy
preston and mrs. marrapese
my baby

Day 358: (12/22/2012)
We celebrated Christmas with our good friends and their kids! This has become a tradition the last 4 or so years and I feel very thankful to have them and the tradition in our lives!
kenzie and layla
desert with friends
christmas friends

Day 359: (12/23/2012)
Of course we cannot get through a holiday without sickness, I woke up in middle of the night with bug:( but this face was with me all day to make me feel better!

Day 360: (12/24/2012)
Merry Christmas Eve! What a wonderful day…heading to church, then to my parents for our traditional Christmas dinner! I am blessed by my wonderful husband, my 3 babies, another little one on the way, my parents and my sisters. I could not imagine my life without them or celebrating Christmas without them!
christmas babies
christmas boys
loganne and presty
nana and layla
tim and i
lauren and layla

Day 361: (12/25/2012)
And it is finally here…Merry Christmas! Even with colds we had a nice day! Kids loved all their gifts, truely enjoyed it all!
Christmas isn’t all about what is under the tree, and I know for kids it is hard for them to realize this, but I hope that through the years we can teach our children that there is more. Its about who you share the holiday with, and the love and blessings in our lives that truely make Christmas magical!
christmas morning
layla christmas
preston christmas
carter christmas

Day 362: (12/26/2012)
skype with gram barb and pap paa The kids got a kindle for Christmas and we set up skype so they could talk to their Pap Pap and Grandma Barb! I know it is hard for my husband to be away from his family during the holidays and the kids love their Pap pap and Grandma Barb, so this is a nice way to stay connected!

Day 363: (12/27/2012)
layla on potty Well we pulled the trigger and potty trained Layla…she did great! Less than one week and she had it down! I am so proud of my baby girl, well doesn’t seem so baby anymore. With the new arrival of baby number 4 right around the corner I want to cherish any baby moments left with Layla. It seemed with each kid, as soon as the next was born, they were no longer baby! She is a momma’s girl and I hope that it stays even with her little sister’s arrival!

Day 364: (12/28/2012)
We didn’t get a chance to make it to my grandmother’s on Christmas Day, we have been trying to just lay low and with the kids colds it was just better to be home for naps and such, but we did see her for breakfast a few days after!
boys with gram

Day 365: (12/29/2012-12/30/2012)
Still going on a holiday high, we spent some time with my sister and her boys celebrating christmas at my moms. It was so nice having my sisters there!
We built a snowman with all the snow we got over the break!!! The kids had a blast!
kids with snowman
family fun

Day 366: (12/31/2012)
Happy New Years Eve, and Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman, my mother! We celebrated her birthday by making her a wonderful birthday dinner and my grandfather (her father) was in town for the holiday from South Dakota, so it was nice he joined us! My mother inspires me in so many ways, she is so selfless and giving and has so much love to give. I am blessed that she is my mother, but also my best friend! She is an amazing nana, my kiddos adore her! I couldn’t imagine life without her!
kids with nana and papa
kids with peepa and nana
mom and peepa
happy birthday nana


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