My Project 52: Week 2

My babies love to come into our bed…as much as it gets crowded at times, especially now that I am at the end of my pregnancy, there are times I enjoy those moments! They all love to cuddle up to me, and most of the time demand to hold my hand. Its in these moments that I realize that they will soon be grown up and not want these moments with me, so I give in and enjoy them!

Layla is my little helper….she loves to help me unload the dishwasher! I am sure there will come a day that she will not want to hlep me. For now I will enjoy every minute of it!
my helper

Sundays are fun days for us, not as in we always go out and do something but we lay around, play games, watch football, have a nice dinner, and just spend the day together as a family! It is the only day of the week that both Tim and I have off! I think the kiddos enjoy these days the best. Layla woke up from her nap and decided to wake daddy from his.
untitled-6waking up daddy

Layla’s Aunt Lauren let her take home her favorite bunny, Hopscotch, and Layla has been taking such good care of it for her.

My little monkey! Carter just loves to bounce from couch to couch, we tend to call him Carter hops alot because when he gets excited he jumps up and down. I love how full of energy my boy is!
my monkey

With Lil Learners over, and we chose not to continue this season due to the arrival of our newest little one soon, we have more free time. Friends of Preston’s from preschool were getting together at Jumpin Jungle and we decided to join them! The kids needed to just let out energy, it has been so wet and cold and snowy out side that they haven’t been able to run and play!
jumpin fun
my babies
lounging at jnj


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