My Project 52: Week 3

Now that the holidays are further behind us and we are all settling back into our little routines, I am now ready for this little one to arrive. I have been here before, each time wondering how this little one will fit into the craziness that sometimes consumes our days and wondering how the other ones will adjust to the newborn phase and adding a new sibling? So many times I have heard and felt before, how could my heart love another little one, and I have given the advice, IT JUST DOES, your heart grows, and I know this will occur with this one too, but as a woman, a mother, I worry about all those things I cannot see, or control. I already love this child and know that the moment she is placed in my arms, she will slip right into my heart and nestle herself right beside the love of the other three.
So in the final weeks I want to take in all the little moments of our lives that I love so much….
-the little feet running through the house
-the craziness at dinner time
-the hands that reach for me to hold them when we are just laying around
-the sweet puckered lips and kisses throughout the day
-praying hands at night
-little fingers and toes that won’t seem so little when there is a tiny newborn in the house
-the giggles from the kids while playing together, and they don’t know I am listening
And so much more that make life all it is supposed to be…Amazing!

untitledSunday basketball – Sunday basketball for Carter is winding down and I am unsure if he wants to continue or not. I have been so proud to watch him grow each week in his skills and to stay with it though he feels it is hard. I also love to watch Tim practice with him, which then turns into Tim having all 3 with the basketball, but he is such an amazing father. I hope these kids grow up to know in their heart how very lucky they are to have him as their daddy. He loves them unconditionally and is so present in their lives. We are blessed to have him to love us.

My Pretty little lady being a ham for the camera. I sure do wish the boys enjoyed me taking their picture as much as she does. They used to, its a phase!

I love this picture of the Preston and Layla…They have the most complex relationship, love and hate. They fight, but I know deep down they do have immense love for each other!
The little feet that run constantly in the house…..I want to remember just how little they are always!


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