My Project 52: Week 4

Oh what a week…..
The weekend was crazy…the kids had something everyday/night, visiting friends and cousins. Then the day off on Monday, friends visiting for haircuts again, and bam…momma down with the stomach bug Tuesday into Wednesday (not fun at 36 weeks pregnant).
The kids were very loving and concerned for me while I was sick and my awsome husband took care of the kids and me! Lets pray no one else gets it!

bed head girlMy little girl is obsessed with jammies…who wouldn’t want to be comfortable day and night. Here she is waking up in the morning, bed head and all.

pretty girl
popping the packageing
foot loose and fancy freeaged
With all the things we have ordered for the new baby, Layla has had fun popping all the bubble packaging

presty and torin
cousins Fun with their cousins at Nana’s house! Its not often that we get to see my sister and her two boys. The kids definately enjoy playing with their cousins when we can get together. I also love having time with my mom and my sisters.

sleepy head Exhaustion has set in!

big boy
mario If there is one thing my oldest is obssessed with right this very moment is Mario….he loves to play it, watch it, talk about it..and so on.


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