My Project 52: Week 5

Winter is killing me… has been up and down, cold then a bit warmer, teasing us all. The kids woke up Monday am to a snow day, needless to say it was a very lazy day around here. I love not having to rush out in the am, getting everyone to school, but I also know that there is more fighting because they get board. It wasn’t snowy enough to go out and play in it, it soon turned to sleet, so we were stuck inside.
Layla and I got to paint our nails, and the boys enjoyed their video games and watching mario on the kindle fire.

painting nails
painting nails2 bnw
lazy winter day off

I love when I can get all the kids to cooperate for the camera, or atleast want to be doesn’t happen often. I have to say this is one of my favorites of my 3 babies.
my babies

I can’t imagine my life without these three smiling faces. They are the love and light of my life! I would do anything for them and only hope they know just how much their momma loves them!


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