My Project 52: Week 6

I celebrated my birthday this week….and though it seems like just another day…another day of our routine, cleaning, and this year awaiting the arrival of baby number 4, my family made it very special for me. My oldest loves to think of ways to make it special, buy me jewelry, or get me my favorite dessert, or flowers, an I love it about him, and the other two ask where my presents are…I say, I have everything I want right here.
untitled-9 The beautiful flowers my husband brought home to me!
untitled-2 I do not love to get my picture taken, especially at 8:30 at night, no make-up and 38 weeks pregnant..but I know years from now this will be a picture to cherish. We as women, those that may take the pictures in the family don’t get pictures this important that often, so I thank my oldest son, Carter for demanding this picture and my mother taking it!
untitled layla cuddling with her Aunt Lauren..she adores her!!!!

Naptime and Bedtime are a very special time for my baby girl and I…we read books on her floor then spend a few minutes cuddling, rub her back in her crib and tuck her in…”snug as a bug in a rug”. One day this week I came in to find her playing quietly with her “baby”, picking out a book, reading with all their friends, and she then placed her baby in the pack-n-play and said “snug as a bug in a rug,” I just adore her! What a good big sister she is going to be!
untitled-3 Layla, I love you my sweet princess, more than you will ever know! Thank you for making each day more special!

untitled-12 Carter….My sweet boy, so sensitive and caring..Thank you for making me a mom. Your cuddles, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and love for me makes each day so much more amazing…I love you.

untitled-8 Preston, my gentle giant…so silly when you want to be, but sensitive too. I couldn’t imagine my life without your smiles, giggles, hugs, and kisses…I love you to pieces!


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