My Project 52: Week 11

Even in the midst of the fog, the fog of having a newborn and frantically trying to find a new normal, life is amazing. The moments of joy in chaos, “petting” the baby, kisses and big hugs, and so much more, find their way in to this house and lift the fog a bit…. I don’t want to miss any moments, I want to find a pause button and stop time and just keep my kids the way they are..little.

How is it that 3 1/2 weeks have already gone by since I welcomed my daughter Emerson into this world?
emerson 3

How is it that my son Carter seems to be so grown up now? He is a little man, only 6, but a little man it seems compared to the others.
biggest brother

How is it that Preston is 4 1/2 and will soon be 5, an age that seems so much less baby?
sports star

How is it that Layla will be 3 in a few months…and she will be off to preschool before I know it.

pony tail girl

Here are some moments from our week, the little moments that I want to remember!
Layla, the candy crazy little girl…enjoying looking through our big bag of candy for her treat!
my sweet has a sweet tooth

Carter and Preston playing tball with daddy!
father and son
tball time

My best friend (Emerson’s godmother) and her daughter visiting us on a lazy sunday!
maddy beth and emi
beth and emi
maddy and emi
emi with her god mother

Emerson’s bathtime…..


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