Happy 1 month old birthday my sweet Emerson

How could it be that 4 weeks (1 month) has gone by since you were placed in my arms for the very first time? I have always felt a little sadness with each child as the weeks passed by, but with you, I know you are our last and I want to slow down time. I want to feel the newness of you over and over because it brings me such joy. I know that in time you will be smiling, sitting up by yourself, crawling, and then walking, all those fun milestones, but I so badly want to keep you this small, atleast for a little while longer.

I want you to know that I adore you my Emerson “Emi” Lyn…

I love the way you fit so perfectly on my chest and the sounds you make when you are right there.

I love the way you grab onto a piece of my clothing as I feed you.

I love the way I catch you staring at me as I hold you and go about my daily chores with your siblings.

I love the way your mouth gets going when you are hungry, just like a little baby bird.

I love the way you stare at your sister and brothers when they talk to you…so intent and I know you recognize their voices and love them as much as they love you.

I love our middle of the night feedings, and the little chats I have with you, and I love the way you stare up at me as if you know exactly what I am saying.

I love the way you need me and feel sadness knowing that some day you will need me in such a different way, and maybe even a bit less.

I love your tiny hands, and just how amazing it feels to have them grab right onto my finger…and just how it feels to have them fit just so perfectly in the palm of mine.

I love all your other tiny parts, lips, ears, toes, etc…its just so amazing that mommy and daddy created you..what a miracle.

For now I want to remember all this and the moments that soon will become just a memory, and cherish them.

I love you sweet baby girl more than you can imagine. You have come into our lives and I can’t imagine what life was like without you…you have completed our family!

I love you..forever and always..Promise

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