My Project 52: Week 14


Emerson, will you please stop growing so fast? maybe its because you are our last little baby, but I just want to keep these moments for a little longer! I love you with all my heart my little princess.
cute as a button
beauty sepia
my precious sleeper bnw

Carter: I cannot believe you are 6 and a half….I look at you and can imagine you as small as Emi, and I wish for it back. Though you have grown into an amazing boy, so filled with personality and a joy and hunger for life. You are very Energetic, but have such a sweet soul. I treasure the moments you want to hold my hand, even if only for a brief moment, or give me the biggest hugs. I hope you stay this way…..You are amazing and I hope you always know just how special you are!
brotherly love

Preston doing what he loves to do, play video games!!!!
My dearest Preston, I wish you knew just how special you are…..There is no one like you, you can make me want to spit nails sometimes, but then just do something so sweet and melt my heart. May you realize your worth always, and be confident in the compassionate little boy you have become! I love you.
bi brp

Layla: My strong willed little princess. I wish you knew just how much I love and adore you. You are growing up too fast, and you act older than you are. You are entering the horrible 3’s phase, and we are butting heads alot, but I hope you know that no matter what I love you with all my heart! This is just a phase and we WILL get through it! Enjoying the journey with you!

Before I was a mother I had no idea there was a love like this…thank you Carter, Preston, Layla and Emerson for bringing this love and joy to my life, I am forever changed and grateful. I love you more than you will ever know, forever and always, PROMISE


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