My Project 52: Week 17

my girl 2
love 2

Emerson, I look at these pictures and am glad that I took out my remote to capture you and I together. It’s not often that I am in pictures with you, so I hope you look back at these in the future and know just how much I love you! I adore everything about you, your smiles, your serious face, the way you try and talk to me, and light up when you see me at 4 am. I love the way you are finding your hands and grabbing for me when I feed you. I love the softness in your skin, the light of your eyes, and the way you snuggle into me and seem just so content! I just love you, always and forever…PROMISE.

carter and emi
The way this little boy loves is so amazing….Carter has a gentle soul, loving and sensitive, and is such an amazing big brother! I hope Emerson knows just how much she is loved.

babies 2
I spend a lot of time doing daily chores and caring for a new baby, and sometimes I feel I neglect the others, without trying of course, so I loved taking a moment out of my busy day to have a little fun with these two, wish carter was there to join us! I hope you all know just how much mommy loves you, because it is a lot….more than I can put into words!

The bond that these two have is so amazing….they enjoy being around each other. I sure hope that this is always the case and that their friendship only grows and gets stronger. I hope that in life they know that brothers are special and that they will always find a friend in each other!


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