My Project 52: Week 18 (Emi is 2 months)

Happy 2 Month Birthday Emerson….I cannot believe it. I recently said to a good friend that with the first baby, I looked forward to the milestones, smiling, cooing, sitting, eating solids, crawling, walking, babbling…etc.., and with you, I am excited when new things happen, but I am not pushing for Emerson to do it all so soon. Time just flys by, and no matter what I do, or how much I try to stay in the moment with my sweet baby girl, it doesn’t go slower.

My sweet Emerson:

You are two months old…. and we also celebrated your baptism this weekend.

2 months and baptism

May you always know just how blessed you are, and how blessed I am because you are my baby girl.

I hope that god watches over you each and every day, on all your journeys, and protects you always.

May you always know just how special you are and that you are a precious gift from god.

May you always know in your heart that you were meant to do great things and to always strive to reach your potential and then some.

You can be and do anything, the sky is the limit my angel.

Your smiles melt my heart….I love you more than you will ever know, FOREVER AND ALWAYS..PROMISE


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