My Project 52: Week 20

Motherhood holds many things…It gives me ups and downs, but through it all, these little ones make life so much sweeter. I get so proud of my kids when they try something new and I absolutely LOVE watching them while doing it! Last year we signed both Carter and Preston up for T-ball and every week Preston, not even 4 yet, would sit on the sidelines or hang on my husband as he coached the team. Preston is a little more introverted, quiet, and shy. I would get a little frustrated, not because I disliked these qualities in my little boy, but because I just wanted him to try it. I wanted him to get out there and realize the potential in himself that I know he has. I waited and waited, and this year when asked if he wanted to play again, he said no at first, but then finally said yes. I was scared that the season would be just like last year, but much to my surprise the first game brought out my little man….he was happy, confident and enjoyed himself! I enjoyed seeing him emerge from that shell.

father and son

daddy helping prest

I am so proud of Carter too, he looks like a natural out there on the field at his littel league games!

carter at bat

sportstar clor

Oh Emerson, how you are growing….you melt my heart with your smiles, and half giggles (I can’t wait to hear the giggles that will come from you). Please stop growing so fast!!!
Here are your little toes peeking out at nap time!
toes color

I love you all more than you will every know…Forever and Always..PROMISE!


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