Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a day that makes moms feel special, I don’t particularly need a day to make me feel special, just because I have kids, but it is nice to have a day to celebrate the love I have for my mother, the mothers in my life, and the abundant love I have for my babies. Each year is special but this year was extra special because we completed our family with the arrival of Emerson. I can’t begin to describe how complete I feel in my life. My babies are amazing, they each have their own special way of making me feel amazing and loved. I couldn’t imagine my days without them, even the crazy moments when I feel like I am at the end of my rope, they make me feel whole.

From the start of our day, filled with lazy moments of sitting on the couch to rushing out the door to my mother’s for our annual Mother’s Day celebration, to laughter between cousins and between moms and daughters, to ending the day with more bedtime craziness, my day was just what it was meant to be..PERFECT!

I love you Carter, Preston, Layla and Emerson. You make me want to be a better mommy, I strive to be that for you, make you happy, nourish you and lift you up….You are my everything, and I promise you my love FOREVER!





My Mother:
mom an dme
You are such an amazing woman, and through the years I feel I always knew what you did for me, but it wasn’t until I had babies of my own that I truely saw all the sacrifice and love you gave and continue to give. You are my mother and my BEST FRIEND. You have always been there no matter what, good or bad, and I am so blessed to have you for my mother. I only hope and pray that I am half the mother you are. My babies are very lucky to have you for their NANA…..The love between you and them is such a blessing! I love you more than you know Mom!


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