My Project 52: Week 24 (Preston’s Graduation from OLS)

Preston’s Graduation from Preschool….

Oh, how could this be. My shy little boy, now a big boy, graduated from OLS Preschool.
Preston, I remember the very first day I took you to preschool (OLS 3’s)
My heart ached to leave you, but I knew it was what needed to be done. As I walked out and saw you standing at the window, waving to me, I thought you were such a big boy. I soon found out that you were sad to see me go, and struggled a little bit, and that made my heart hurt even more. I never want you to be sad, I want you to always smile and feel happy inside. I knew the weeks ahead would be tough, but soon you would make some good friends and settle right into preschool. Oh how it was more of a challenge than that…You struggled for a long time, but your teachers and I worked together to help you adjust and all in good time, your time, you didn’t feel sad when I left you. I always left you making copies with your teachers, this is what made you feel at ease with me leaving.
preston copy room

The beginning of this last year, there were no tears…the first day of school you were more confident than ever, all smiles.
presty on sit upon
I knew you were ok, and though it saddened me to see you spread your wings, and be ok with me leaving, I was happy knowing you were ok. This last year you have grown up so much. You have such an amazing heart, and you are such a joy to be around. I just want to bottle you up and keep you so innocent. You make my life happy and I hope you know just how much I love you.
Here is my graduation boy….
sara and presty
my hungry catapiller
ready to graduate
mrs marrapese
our graduate
preston and nana
preston and mrs. marrapese Your favorite teacher, Mrs. Marrapese!
big brother

A little note to my big boy…
I am so proud of you my precious boy. I hope you know you can be and can do anything you set your mind on. Follow your heart and always be confident in just who you are, because who you are is amazing. I love you more than words will ever be able to describe and I am your number one fan always. I love you to infinity and beyond…..forever and always..PROMISE! xo


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