My Project 52: Week 25

This past week we wrapped up Carter’s baseball season. I am one proud momma. He improved so much over the season!
auto-15 He had the chance to play catcher this game, just like his daddy when he played baseball!

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what needs to be done on a daily basis, I pass by moments to be spontaneous with my kiddos. This past week I set aside a little more time to play with them at the park and enjoy the beautiful days we get in the mix of some rainy days.

preston 5
layla on bars 3
prest and emi bnw

It isn’t often we get the chance to have everyone together. My grandfather was in from South Dakota for two weeks and on his final night here my Aunt had everyone up for dinner. The kids were so excited to play with their Aunts and Cousins, I truly enjoyed watching the enjoyment on their faces! Unfortunately Layla was a bit out of sorts with no nap and a dog that just wouldn’t leave her alone..he terrified her, so she was not photographed 😦
auto-29 This is Emerson’s new thing…rasberries/spitting/drooling whatever you want to call it!


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