End of kindergarten: So proud of you Carter

I cannot believe it, I blinked and your first year of big kid school was coming to an end. How could this be? I feel like it was yesterday that you were walking so bravely into that big school, and you turned and waved to me, no tears and what seemed to be so confident, no fears. I was so proud of you and your strength, and though I was proud, I was sad because my first born, my baby boy was now a big kid and needed me a little less.
carter4carter with teacher at dismissal
Now you have completed kindergarten! You have grown a bit taller, are more handsome, and definitely smarter! I am so proud of you my little man! I am in awe of how much you have grown, your confidence and personality shines through in everything you do. I love you forever and always, PROMISE!

carter kindergarten celebrationcarter concert
carter 2
carter and his teacher
big kid

I hope you always reach for the stars, because you can do anything.


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