Happy Four Months Emerson

Four months, a month doesn’t seem long, but this past month has brought on so many changes in you. You are such a happy baby, such a joy and blessing to me. The past few weeks, you have found your hands, I mean gained control of them and you love to put them in your mouth. I often wonder If you are going to find your thumb and be a thumb sucker since you sometimes have it in your mouth. Who knows….
You have rolled over from back to front (first) one time, then a day or two later you rolled from front to back. You have found your feet, which happens to be one of my favorite phases, I think it is just adorable. You have learned to grab objects and you hold onto them and bring them to your mouth. You have started food, and are doing pretty well at it. As much as I didn’t want to rush you during this first year to do anything, this, starting food, was one thing I embraced due to an upcoming event (a surgery I have to have, of which I am not excited about), but that will be for another post. But you don’t take a bottle and I need to know that you can find nourishment in something else while I am unable to feed you that day.

You are growing and changing and I find myself loving every part of my days with you. Your smile makes my heart happy, your cuddles are a favorite part of my day, and I hope you just are a cuddler by nature and that you always want to cuddle me! One more thing I just adore about you is they way you scrunch your toes and sometimes you will even put your two feet together and make what looks like a heart!

I love you my baby girl more than you could ever possibly know. Forever and Always, PROMISE!
4 months bear
new skills

momma girl

heart with feet

grabbingb toes

emi tongue




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