My project 52: Week 26 (Happy Father’s Day)

daddy day

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing Man, My husband Tim.

I could never have imagined when we first met that we would have made the life we did together. For someone who wasn’t sure about marriage or children, you truly are a blessing in both areas! Time changed your mind and I am so grateful for that. I couldn’t imagine you not a father, or husband. Your patience, energy, silliness, love, enthusiasm for life, and compassion is what makes you such an amazing man, husband and father to our four babies. They are so blessed to have YOU for their daddy.

You light up their life, bring them joy, and love them unconditionally, and for that I am thankful for you!

I love you more today then yesterday and can’t wait to live all my tomorrows with you and watch you love our babies and be just what they need in life, a role model!

Love you babe, always and forever, PROMISE.

emi and daddy
daddy boy
hug to daddy


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