My Project 52: Week 28

Last week we took our annual trip to PA, for my husband’s family reunion. This trip is always packed full for the kids, but we always come home with amazing memories that we will hold onto forever. The family reunion has always been something my husband has cherished, he has fond memories of his childhood and enjoys watching our babies make memories of their own.

Saturday we woke early and headed to PA, straight to the renunion. This was Emerson’s first big trip in the car, I was unsure how she would do, but of course she did great! Actually all the kids did good. With the first couple hours (of a 4 1/2) hour ride, smooth sailing, then are we there yet a few times, to antsy little kids, but all in all, they did great. It was a HOT day. The adults and kids played their usual softball game after lunchtime.
tim playing softball
my lil athlete
daddy and carter
Carter and daddy joined them, but the other lil ones didn’t want to partake in the festivities. So we wondered down to the water and let them splash around. No pictures were taken since I had the baby and the other two middle ones, and what was supposed to be just a little excursion to get our feet wet and cool off turned into full on soaking wet adventures. Pretty humorous, I should have known it wouldn’t have been what I had expected, thankfully I had my sister in law to help me clean up the kids and head back. Lesson learned that even in times it may seem a little difficult, look for the silver lining, here the kids having fun and logging in memory or two made it worth while.

After the softball game we headed back to the pavilion to play some other games. Layla pretty much remained my sidekick for the day, she played with the dogs, and the boys played with their cousins, and joined in the games.
sac race
sac race 2
races 2
peanut game
pap pap an d emi
not so happy
layla balloon
happy man
father son
egg toss
cousins love
counting penuts
brielle and layla
From sac races, to egg toss, to getting the most colored peanuts, and water balloon tosses, the kids had a blast and won some money doing it too.

By the end of the day, the fun and heat had them all beat. The car ride to Tim's father's house was a bit quieter...exhaustion Layla, moments into the car ride!

We decided to stop for some ice cream, Preston didn't wake up till the end, but carter and layla shared some nice bonding time. And so did daddy and Emerson.
brother and sister
emi and daddy

Sunday, was Layla's Birthday..... We had another fun day planned for her. We got up, got ready and met some great friends from Pittsburgh at a state park half way between us. The kids swam, we hiked, cooked out, and just had fun. I am always amazed that these kids only see each other once a year, but manage to get along like they see each other all the time. I love days and friendships like this.
swimw ith friends
playing in sand
layla watch
ice cream
hike tired her out
happy birthday
big and carter with turtle
Carter saved a turtle we found along our hike....he carried it all the way back to the water. He just loves this kind of stuff!
More memories made..Check!

A couple days of fun and hot sun took a toll on Layla, she ended up with a fever and got sick in the middle of the night, poor baby :(
But loading her up on Tylenol and going to idlewild with the crew on Monday is what we thought was best. I started to second guess my decision after lunch. she wasn't herself, didn't want to ride on any rides, was cranky, miserable and not so nice to mommy, yet she only wanted me. we managed to get through it. Emerson was a dream, such a good baby, was very laid back, hung out with daddy a lot which they both needed, and the boys logged in more memories. They had a blast!
tim, layla an dcarter
tim dad and emi
pap pap and emi
pap pap and emi bnw
layla bnw
layla at idlewild
layla and daddy
idlewild fin
idlewild cousins
fun with cousins
father and son
family 2
dylan and emi
daddy and presty
carter with aunt carrie and brielle
carter ball
carrter and devon
boys in ball area
balloon ride
aunt maureen
uncle bobby and presty

Memories of the three days with cousins and friends make our hearts happy! This is what summer is about. I love watching the kids enjoy the simple things in life. Being a part of it with them reminds me of my childhood!

The two days left in our trip to PA, we spent visiting family.
And recovering a bit...
sleepy girl
fort boys
happy girl
loves her brother
And celebrating Layla's birthday with Tim's dad and stepmother Barb! We love staying at their house, the kids truly enjoy spending time with Pap Pap and Grandma Barb!
cake time
birthday girl

It was sad to say goodbye, but we had to travel home to celebrate Layla's birthday with some close friends and family! Unfortunately it rained, but I think I worried more about it than the kids.
party girl
birthday party
best friends
It rained, actually poured, and by the end of the party (at the park) Layla and her brothers and a few of her friends were playing in the puddles.
Messy kids = a good time.

The end of our vacation week was spent at home, unwinding, unpacking and having some family time. we met nana and papa for ice cream one night, and made a trip to the park to ride the carousel, just us, a family of 6.
sprinkler fun
sitting pretty
ride carousel
me and my baby girl
in lovecolor
eyes bnw
emi and dad
emerson aged


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