my Project 52: Week 30

brother ans sis
I signed up the three older ones for swim, knowing deep down I may have one particular little princess refuse to get in the water, but I was hopeful.
layla swim
The first day of swim, of the two week session at a local park, she proved me right, she wouldn’t get in the water. She wanted to just sit on the side, but that was not what I had signed her up for. I begged and begged and may have even bribed her a little, but no such luck. Day two she said she would swim like a big girl, and we dressed for swim, but again, after 10 minutes of trying by me and the instructors, I told her that was it. So she remained by my side, watching the boys do their thing.

My big boy, you joined the youth class..I can’t believe what a big boy you are. You were taught different strokes and you were always eager to learn and did what they asked. You were a little timid getting your face wet, but would put your face under water from time to time. And when it was time to jump off the diving board, you would always say you were going to jump in without them catching you, because you wanted to do it so badly, but you would always get a bit scared and they would catch you. I found it humorous how you would always jump right on top of the instructor….poor girls! Maybe next year, I know you can do it. I am so proud of you for trying new things and getting better because you put such an effort into learning!

carter underwater
carter swim
giant leap for carter
carter diving board

My fearless Preston. You are my little fish! You have truly enjoyed every moment of swimming this summer thus far and I can’t believe how much you have improved from last year! You always had a smile on your face and would always volunteer to do whatever they asked first. You loved jumping in, went right under, but no fear. You especially liked going off the diving board, no assistance from the teachers at all! I am very proud of you and love that you LOVE to swim.

preston color
all smiles
my fish
giant leap
presty jump

Emerson was such a trooper through the two week session of swim. It was hot, but most of the days she slept (as it fell around her morning nap), and was always happy when she was awake! My baby girl, I know it may not always be easy being dragged from here to there for your siblings sports and such, but you are a blessing because you just roll with it. I guess it is how it has to be when you have four babies! I love you baby girl!


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