My Project 52: Week 33

After a wonderful week at the beach, it was back to the grind. And by grind I mean beyond unpacking, trying to get the house back to working order we were catapulted into 3 day/week football practice for Carter. I cannot believe Carter is even old enough to play pee wee football, and he is so tiny, makes me very nervous, but he wanted to play, so we signed him up. Unfortunately we had to sign him up for another school district (the school of which I attended when I was in school), Vestal (our district) had a 7-9 yr old team, but the avg weight of these boys was stated to be 75 lbs….30 lbs more than Carter, NO WAY JOSE, said this mom!!!!

Here is my lil man during his first week of football.

My sweet Carter, as scared as I will be when you put your pads on next week and really start practicing with your team, I want you to know how very proud I am of you that you are willing to try something new. Things in life may not always easy, but if you put your mind to it you can do anything. I love you and am your number one fan ALWAYS..PROMISE!


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