Happy Half Birthday Emerson (6 months..wow)

My sweet Emi…I truly cannot believe you are now six months old. This post comes a little late due to the past week of craziness with my surgery, but all is good now and I can now write this to you.

You my sweet angel are the light of my life. You are growing so fast. Now sitting all on your own with no desire to roll, soon I see you crawling. It is amazing how I do not look forward to all your new skills, not that I am not proud of you as you achieve new things, I just don’t want you to grow so fast. You are my last baby. The last one I will feed in the middle of the night..the last one I will change diaper after diaper. The last one I will soothe as your teeth are hurting as they come in showing that you are growing up too fast, and so much more. I enjoyed all the moments of your brothers and sister growing the first year, but it didn’t seem so hard, maybe because deep down I knew our life wouldn’t be complete until we had you.

Your personality is growing as fast as you are. You know what you want and do not want, you are a very happy baby. You love, more than I can explain, your brothers and sister. You light up when they come to you. I just could not imagine my life without you and can’t remember a time when our life felt this complete. THANK YOU! You, my sweet Emerson complete the A-Team!

I love you more than you know, and will always be right by your side….Forever and always, Promise!
some of her 6 month pictures!

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