Very first day of pre-school for Layla!

Oh my sweet princess, the day has come that I must watch you let go of my hand and experience something new, something on your own. No mommy around, or brothers to quietly watch over you. All you, all by your big self. It is bitter sweet. I totally trust in your teachers to give you the nurturing you need, as they did for your two bigger brothers. I have no doubt that after the tears fade away, you will start to show all those around you, your spunky and beautiful self. It was so hard leaving you today, as I watched Mrs. Marrapese try to comfort you and your fears. I am proud of you though, my sweet princess. Proud of every little thing about you, I hope you never have to doubt that. I pray that you know just how special you are, and that you realize you can do whatever it is you put your little mind too. I love you with all my heart my princess, forever and always..PROMISE!



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