My Project 52: Week 40

Some things I want to teach my baby girls:

After two boys, I was overjoyed to have a girl…Miss Layla, you answered all my dreams. Then surprise we had another girl and I was overjoyed that you two would have each other. There is something about sisters, a bond forever, and as I saw Carter and Preston naturally nurture this bond and I watched it grow so strong, I wanted that for you two!

I want to help you two precious angels walk the journey of life, which through pinterest and magazine ads may see all perfect, but sadly it is not! I may not always have the right answers, and I won’t always get it right, but I promise to give it my best and always keep your best interest at heart!

Here it goes:
1. Beauty is not something measured by your body or looks, it is a state of mind and runs deep within us.
2. You will always have a best friend in each other.
3. Your point of view and opinion matters.
4. You have so many precious gifts to give.
5. You are strong and your body can do more than you ever imagine it to do….more than you can understand right now
6. Ice cream and chocolate make everything better, may not make it perfect, but better.
7. Nothing in the entire world will ever make me stop loving you.
8. Even when I get mad, and yell, I love you more than you know.
9. I may not be a perfect parent, but my choices in parenting for you are to help you.
10. I promise to always listen to you.
11. You will always find a friend in me, but I am your mother first.
12. Prayers are powerful.
14. You will never be too old to be my baby girl
15. Words are powerful, they can build bridges and tear them down.
16. Always know how to say you are sorry. It isn’t a sign of weakness, but one of strength.
17. You have taught me to see my body differently then I have in the past!
18. Live, Laugh and Love
19. Reach for the moon!
20. You cannot control other peoples words, thoughts or actions, but you can always control your response.
21. Be a friend to everyone, you never know how much a smile or act of kindness can make someone else’s day.
22. A man riding up on a white horse is only in fairy tales.
23. Your father is they type of man I want you to seek (when you are older). Kind, compassionate, intelligent, funny, loving, handsome and so much more!
24. You have the control over your life, no one else does.
25. Choose to be happy.
26. When you hurt, I will hurt. I will always be there to try and kiss those boo boos away…physical and emotional.
27. God loves you.
28. Being a girl (woman) is a gift. There are so many amazing things about being a girl!
29. Your home will always be with me!



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