Happy 7th Birthday my sweet Carter!

Oh my where to begin…..I just cannot believe that my first born is already 7. Where does the time go? I don’t remember as a kid time going so fast, but as an mother it seems to me that I miss minutes, hours and days, because before I know it another year has passed. As much as I enjoy each stage of my babies lives, I want to slow it down and have more time with them just the way they are, at this very moment.

A letter to you my sweet Carter on your special day.

I want to start of by saying that you will never know just how much I adore you. I remember 7 years ago today, at this very moment in labor with you…and soon after that, because you sure didn’t take too long to enter this world, holding you and all your tiny baby-ness….I know that’s not a word, but you were so little. You seemed so little to me, even more so, because it was real, I had a newborn. I was so nervous, but so overjoyed. My heart was bursting with love for you, from the moment they placed you in my arms. I didn’t think it was possible to love something so much, and even today I am still in awe as to how my heart has grown, my love for you grows with each passing day. I want to thank you for making me a mother. Giving me the most sacred and precious gift and title. I am blessed by you and your love.

You are such a sweet and sensitive boy. I want you to know that you can do great things. I want you to reach for the stars and know that no matter what you are awesome. I will always be right by your side. I will cheer you on, and celebrate your successes. And with life there are always moments when we may not succeed, or things may not always turn out the way you had planned, but I will be right there beside you in those moments too. Always know your worth my sweet boy, you have so many amazing gifts to give this world.

I hope this next year of your life is all that you wish it to be. I love you with all my heart and soul….Forever and always..PROMISE!!!!

Happy Birthday Carter.
carter 7 years old

Your littlest sister LOVES you.
carter and emmi


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