My Project 52: Week 44

October is always a CRAZY month..birthdays for the boys, and then of course Halloween. Now that the older 3 are in school, there are Halloween parties, parades, and fall parties to attend, and of course we cannot forget Trick-or-Treating. We have started a tradition of having our closest friends come for pizza and trick-or-treating. Carter and Madison have been friends since they were infants.

Layla’s School Parade – The parents didn’t attend the celebration inside the classroom, but we handed out candy for their costume parade!
auto Emi’s first pumpkin for sure.
auto-2 Preston was a huge help handing out the candy for me!!!!

auto-12 My four babies…a jeddi, Ironman, spider-girl, and super-girl!
auto-22 Emi with her godmother, Beth!

Carter’s Fall Party…unfortunately Vestal Hills doesn’t allow the kids to dress up. We had treats and games! Carter was excited to have us there, and that is all that matters!



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