My Project 52: Week 47 – Happy 9 months Emerson

I can hardly believe that the year is winding down. Its even harder to believe that Emerson is 9 months old.


My sweet Emerson, you are growing and changing so fast! Your little personality is shining through and you bring so much joy to this family. I can’t imagine my days without you, for you complete our family. Your siblings still just adore you, which makes my heart so happy. You love to be with them, crawl to find them and play right along side. Your fit right in. You let us know when you want to be heard, you let me know when you need a snuggle and you have the sweetest smile. I adore you my baby girl. I love you more than you will ever know…Forever and Always..PROMISE.

auto-11 I had to post this picture because it is important that I remember the little things about these amazing days. This blue ring is what makes you happy. It is part of the stackable rings, rainbow color, and no matter how we mix them or present them to you, you will always grab the BLUE ring!!! You crawl with it, hold it, have it next to you during meal times, put it in your mouth, along with what seems like everything these days, you love this ring!


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