My Project 52: Week 50

Brrrr…baby it is COLD outside. We got slammed this past weekend with snow. The upside is that the kids LOVE it, and it forced me to have a Saturday off as clients didn’t want to travel to get their hair done, and also forced us to do absolutely NOTHING all weekend (when does that happen…never over here), but the downside is it is messy and cold.

The kids love to sled down the hills around our house….for them it is big enough to enjoy for awhile, hopefully this year we will get them out to some bigger hills for some sledding. I remember doing this with my parents when it was snowy out! Amazing how those memories stick the most…the day to day childhood experiences. They are just as special as the big stuff!


The joys of childhood! I strive to give my kids the little and big in life…and let them make their own memories. I hope they hold onto these precious memories. I love watching them, the joy and excitement melts my heart!

This last week we also had Preston’s Holiday Concert. He sang his heart out, and made us so proud! I am so amazed at how much this little boy has grown this year. I love you Preston!
preston concert


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