My Project 52: Week 51 (Happy 10 Months old Emi)

Gearing up for Christmas….The kids are so excited. We have has a run of pink eye and sore throats here, causing a couple of my babies to miss some school. Carter at least had the chance to go to school on Friday before break, I had the chance to celebrate the holiday’s with his class for his party! My sister was nice enough to come watch the other three so I could enjoy some time with just carter at his party! I didn’t even bring my camera, which is unlike me, but I was completely present and enjoying my time with my little man!

Happy 10 Months old Emi…I cannot believe we are only two months away from your first birthday! I love you to pieces my precious baby girl!

I cannot believe the next post will be to conclude this year. It went by so fast. last year at this time I was awaiting the arrival of baby 4…Emerson…and just like that a new year is almost upon us! Stay tuned for some of our Christmas pictures!!!!


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