My Project 52: Week 52

And another year is through…I cannot believe how fast this past year went! Reflecting on the year, there were ups and there were downs. One of the greatest moments of my year was giving birth for the final time to Emerson…she definitely completes our family. The year definitely had a lot of great moments, moments of love and joy in our family, milestones, big and small memories made. The year had a lot of struggle for me as well….with the cancer scare, months of worry and fear, but thankfully I am healthy and it was just a bump in the road. I am thankful for all that I have in my life, and even in times of struggle, wouldn’t change a thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year. This past week we have had a lot of germs in this house, each one of us sick in some way or another, but the Christmas spirit is what carried us through, there was no shortage of joy and excitement.
We celebrate with family, friends, and had many moments of just being a family of 6 at home!
auto-11 Going to see Santa at the mall! A picture of my babies before hand.
auto-12 My girls!

auto-15 a few days of down time before all the craziness, leads to some amazing time spent with each other. This is what I walked into one day…sisterly love.

Christmas Eve, at my mothers house following Christmas Mass!
auto-19 Generations of Women!
auto-21 My mom and me, and my oldest son! So thankful!
auto-24 Me and my love!

Christmas Morning!!!!
These four are all I wanted for Christmas! I am one lucky momma.

Goodbye 2013…Welcome 2014. Here is to a wonderful, exciting year ahead!


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