My Project 52: Week 47 – Happy 9 months Emerson

I can hardly believe that the year is winding down. Its even harder to believe that Emerson is 9 months old.


My sweet Emerson, you are growing and changing so fast! Your little personality is shining through and you bring so much joy to this family. I can’t imagine my days without you, for you complete our family. Your siblings still just adore you, which makes my heart so happy. You love to be with them, crawl to find them and play right along side. Your fit right in. You let us know when you want to be heard, you let me know when you need a snuggle and you have the sweetest smile. I adore you my baby girl. I love you more than you will ever know…Forever and Always..PROMISE.

auto-11 I had to post this picture because it is important that I remember the little things about these amazing days. This blue ring is what makes you happy. It is part of the stackable rings, rainbow color, and no matter how we mix them or present them to you, you will always grab the BLUE ring!!! You crawl with it, hold it, have it next to you during meal times, put it in your mouth, along with what seems like everything these days, you love this ring!


My Project 52: Week 46

Last week we went to PA to visit Tim’s family. The trip is a long one for the kids, and I to be totally honest with you, and because of that and my job we don’t get to travel there as much as we’d like. This trip was nice, it was packed with family gatherings. The kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins! I love watching the bonds grow stronger each time we are in each other’s company!




A family is a little world created by love!

My Project 52: Week 45

November is here, which means the leaves are falling, cold temperatures are sneaking up on us, and cleanup for the winter is upon us! The kids love the leaves….piles and piles of leaves to throw, to jump in, to help us be reminded of our childhood!

auto-44 My four babies!!!!
auto-53 Layla in the leaves.
auto-49 Emerson’s first time in the leaves. Couldn’t get her too close, she puts everything in her mouth!
auto-50 Carter jumping in the leaves.

The months are flying by, Emerson is approaching 9 months and changing by the day. she is a joy to be around. She is showing more and more of her own personality too, it is a joy to see!

I love you my sweet Emerson. You complete our family, you made my heart grow, and I adore you!

My Project 52: Week 44

October is always a CRAZY month..birthdays for the boys, and then of course Halloween. Now that the older 3 are in school, there are Halloween parties, parades, and fall parties to attend, and of course we cannot forget Trick-or-Treating. We have started a tradition of having our closest friends come for pizza and trick-or-treating. Carter and Madison have been friends since they were infants.

Layla’s School Parade – The parents didn’t attend the celebration inside the classroom, but we handed out candy for their costume parade!
auto Emi’s first pumpkin for sure.
auto-2 Preston was a huge help handing out the candy for me!!!!

auto-12 My four babies…a jeddi, Ironman, spider-girl, and super-girl!
auto-22 Emi with her godmother, Beth!

Carter’s Fall Party…unfortunately Vestal Hills doesn’t allow the kids to dress up. We had treats and games! Carter was excited to have us there, and that is all that matters!


My Project 52: Week 43 – Happy 8 Months Emerson

Oh boy, things are about to get crazier in this house…Emerson, you are on the move! Just in time for your 8 month birthday. Happy 8 months my sweet baby girl! I knew this day was going to come, as you have been preparing for it for a couple weeks now..on your hands and knees. Now though, you have taken off. You are babbling, clapping, crawling, even pulling yourself up. Slow down baby girl. And to make momma proud, ma ma ma is your first word! Thank you, makes my heart melt!

auto-36 Sweet dreams!

I Love you more than you will ever know my sweet baby girl, forever and always, PROMISE!

Some more favorites from this past week…Halloween preparations!
auto-34 Three of my FAVORITE pumpkins!

My Project 52: Week 42

My babies are growing so fast….too fast!
If I had one power, I think it would be to pause time. I am enjoying the little things about my babies.
Things like watching Emi grow each day and learn new things. She is almost crawling, and definitely getting around in her own way. she is starting to self feed, babble, says ma ma, and just adores her siblings.
Enjoying celebrating birthdays with my boys.
Enjoying watching the kids love their little sister, play with her, and cuddle her!


Happy 5th Birthday Preston!


5….definitely not a baby anymore and nor are you a toddler or a preschooler.  Turning five you stand at the door to  big kid, and I am excited for you, but sad for me.  Gone are the days you sit in my lap or need me as much.  I am excited for you to spread those wings of yours though.  I see little changes in you my sweet Preston.  I see confidence and you figuring out just who you are and who you want to be.  Your voice is getting louder and  you know what you want.  I am proud of you.  You are special and unique and I am so happy to be your momma.  Though the moments when you rely solely on me are fading into the past, I want you to know I will as always be right by your side.  I will cheer you on in everything you do, and I will pick you up if you fall.  Always know my precious boy that you can do and be whatever your heart desires.  Reach for the stars.  I love you more than you could ever imagine, forever and always….promise!!!